Healthy Diets Don’t Cost Much More Than Unhealthy Ones

The review included 27 studies conducted in 10 countries. The data indicated that when comparing food-based diet patterns, the healthiest diets only cost approximately $1.48 more per day or $1.54 more per 2000 calories than unhealthy diets. When nutrient-based diet patterns were compared, healthy diets did not cost significantly more per dayan extra $1.56 per 2000 calories. The biggest price differences were seen between healthy and unhealthy meats and proteins. On average, healthier proteins cost $0.29 more per serving than less healthy alternatives.
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10 Equine Nutrition Resources on

Learn about athletic horses nutritional needs and how to determine if your feeding program is working. Download Now Article: The Ins and Outs of Feeding the OTTB Off-the-track Thoroughbreds (OTTBs) are popular mounts for riders of many disciplines. But when feeding an OTTB, it’s important to understand how he was fed during his time on the track, and how his nutritional needs differ once he begins his new life. Read More Ask the Vet Live: Feeding Foals and Young Horses Proper nutrition, of course, is a critical factor in raising a healthy, sound foalboth for the broodmare before the foal is born as well as for the mare and foal throughout the foal’s development.
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